A month long celebration of 10 years of Pact, designed to facilitating community events across the globe to celebrate and acknowledge the journey and look forward to the future of Pact.
Overall aims of the endeavour
  • Contributor engagement: a thriving open source community is one that provides value to contributors and users of the software, alike. This milestone is an opportunity for us to share with the world the great aspects of Pact and to attract and excite new contributors and friends to the ecosystem
  • Awareness: contract testing is becoming well adopted across the software development landscape but there’s still a way to go – our hope with this milestone event is to further grow awareness of contract testing
  • Celebration: and of course, we want to celebrate 10 years of Pact in a fun way! It’s so important to us that we acknowledge the founders, maintainers, contributors, and community who have put in time and energy to make Pact what it is today
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