Discussion around suitability of a webhook which would report can-i-deploy status to a VCS provider. Probably triggered of a successful provider verification
I’ve just been playing with the github status checks: https://pactflow.io/blog/publishing-pact-verification-statuses-to-github/ (which is working!).
Not sure if I’m over thinking it, but is there a way to couple these with can-i-deploy? So as well as being verified by the provider, I can ask ‘can I deploy to dev’?
so you could have a webhook trigger a job that runs can-i-deploy from a Pact Broker, that runs the command and reports it back.
I get what you mean though, could we have a can-i-deploy failed or succeeded event, which is triggered off the back of a Successful verification results published event
so internally can-i-deploy is called and it gives you that results, which otherwise you would need a sep job and cli tools to make the call to the Pact Broker