Whilst the Pact Broker is easily run in a Docker container and can be automated, not everything can be configured statically in a config file.
Furthermore, the lifecycle of use cases on the broker (e.g. adding a webhook for a new application) should not require a configuration change and application restart.
It is common practice to apply infrastructure-as-code practices to both self-hosted and SaaS products alike, and we currently lack this capability.
This proposal aims to enable configuration management via a custom Terraform provider.
It should support the following features at a minimum:
* Pacticipants
* Webhooks
* Secrets (Pactflow only)
* API Tokens (Pactflow only)
As the broker API progresses, we should be able configure things such as:
* Certificate management for integrations with internal CA-signed systems
* Integration Whitelists
* SAML and SSO setup
* User and group management